2018 Highlights

2018 was a great year for me, filled with highlights, both food and non-food related. The biggest personal highlight of the year being my wedding in June that took place in The Millhouse in Slane. Such an incredible day. Plus everyone was raving about the amazing food! We quickly followed up the wedding with a…

Where To Shop In Dublin

I’ve had this one in the bank for a while and keep adding to it, and will keep adding to it! Mexican Food – Picado This is one place I mention a LOT. Mainly because it’s where I go to get tortillas for tacos. But they also have the most amazing nachos, chipotles in adobo,…

Fork ‘N Tasty: Cuba

Before going to Cuba we heard so many bad things about the food. These myths could not have been further from the truth. Almost everything we ate in Cuba was delicious. Fresh lobster, ropa vieja and incredible cocktails. The state run restaurants aren’t great so try avoid these. The best places to eat are the…


When you get a hunger pang do yourself a favour and head down to Pang

Best of 2017

There’s only one thing to do at the end of the year, make a best of list!