2018 – The Second Year Slump

When I started this blog back in 2017 I had so many great intentions. Publish a different recipe each week, write pieces about what and who inspires me to cook, an A-Z of foods, simple cooking tips, I even had a list of people I wanted to interview for a podcast! At one point I even looked into food trucks.

2017 went well. A decent amount of content and reach. Good responses from people and I came a bit of a trusted advisor to friends if they were cooking or wanted a recipe.

But over the last year I’ve struggled to get the posts out. I never realised how long it would take me to write up recipes and test them, or to even write a review of somewhere I’d eaten (although during the year I had some amazing help from Katia with this).

I still regularly post on Instagram so I’ve kept the name alive and have been to a couple of different foodie events during the year so that’s a positive. Plus I’ve been to eat in loads of great spots on Dublin and had a gastronomical mini moon after our wedding in Madrid.

So what’s the plan for 2019, a question I’ve been pondering lately. Do I scrap the blog and focus on Instagram? Do I take some time off from the job that pays the bills to test recipes at home and write them up? Or do I just plan things better for next year?

Over the next few weeks I’m going to take a serious look at all 3 options and decide what to do. I’m taking an extended break from work in January to travel around Colombia for our honeymoon (expect some pics and posts about this at least), and during this time I’ll decide what to do.

Who knows, this time next year I could have achieved all I set out to back when I started.

Have you had similar problems with your blog? How did you get past it? Any advice with this would be great!

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