Hang Dai

Another place that’s been on the Fork ‘N Tasty food list for ages is Hang Dai. Located on Camden street in Dublin, this funky Chinese restaurant opened its doors back in 2016.

Modelled inside to look like a railway carriage, the first thing that catches your eye as you stroll through the restaurant past the open kitchen, which is separated by a glass wall, is the Skeaghanore Ducks roasting over the wood oven. You can feel the heat and get that beautiful wood burned smell wafting up your nose!

Then you’re in there. Although quite small, Hang Dai uses it’s space well and with clever booths and a load of bar seats. As there was a large group of us we were seated at the back of the restaurant on a large round table.

Looking back into the restaurant the multicoloured panelled roof, complete with disco ball, and the Asian water work and signs on the wall create a really unique and funky joint for the middle of Dublin.

While we perused the menus we helped ourselves to some prawn crackers and debated what, and how much, food to get.

We had ordered half a duck in advance so that was already on the menu. Everything is served to share, the best way to eat food! After some deliberation we settled on dumplings, wontons, super noodles, super rice, beef short rib, honey prawns, tofu and green beans.

First up was our Duck Broth Served With Chinese Pickles. Served hot in a glass and sipped down slowly, it was a perfect start. Food started to pick up pace and the Pork Neck Broth with Prawn Wontons, Fried Pork Balls & Shitake  were next. Quickly followed by the Pork Dumplings with Sweet Soy and Garlic. Mastering chop sticks at this point, and with some slippery food, was a little tricky for some people!

Super Special Rice and Super Special Noodles made their way to us soon after and were dished out around the table. Once the Short Rib, Salt & Pepper Tofu with Baby Carrot & Three Types of Garlic and Honey Prawns with Sliced Radishes landed in the middle of the table they were quickly dispersed amongst us diners who devoured each delicious morsel.

The prawns were especially delicious. Coated in a light crispy batter and cooked just right so as to still crunch when you bit into one. So good.

The short rib was coated in a beautiful sticky sauce and fell straight from the bone. So juicy and tender. Tofu can be something restaurants get wrong really easily but Hang Dai do an amazing job of it! Crispy on the outside, soft in the middle. Perfect.

The green beans in chilli went down an absolute treat. I think if they put a trough of these in front of us we would have devoured them like swine!

And finally the grand finale. The duck. This is what we waited for. All duck no dinner. Bejing Style Thinly Sliced Duck with Crisp Skin, Chopped Leg and Thigh, served with Pancakes Cucumber & Cherry Hoi Sin.

Duck pancakes are a treat at the best of times and this was absolutely no exception. Perfectly cooked, perfectly sliced, perfectly served. This duck was the crown on an already fantastic meal.

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