Best of 2017

Fork ‘N Tasty Best of 2017

There’s only one thing to do at the end of the year, make a best of list!

Favourite Dublin Restaurant

This was a tough choice. I’ve eaten in some great places this year. Dublin’s food game has really stepped up this year with new and fantastic restaurants popping up more and more frequently.


After a couple of visits this year, Wishbone gets the nod as top restaurant, particularly if you’re going with friends. And food shared is a billed halved!

Read the Wishbone review here >>> Wishbone

Best Value Meal

Again another tough choice, but for overall value and enjoyment there was one clear winner.

Richmond – Tuesday Tasting Menu

Winning of a Michelin Bib this year has crowned a fantastic year for Richmond. One highlight of the restaurant is their ever changing Tuesday Tasty Menu, and at €40 is an absolute bargain.

Read the review of Richmond here >>> Richmond

Shop of the year

Easy one this. Has to be Picado. I’m a huge fan of Mexican food and after discovering this place I was delighted! During the year I also did a Mexican Chillies class with Lily. If you can do one of these do it! It’s great, and Lily and Alan are such incredible hosts and the food is top class. Really can’t recommend this place enough. I tell everyone about it!

Read about Picado here >>> Picado

My new recipe of the year

I’m so happy that I decided to start this blog back in April. Since then I’ve added over 30 recipes to the blog and made loads more that I’m still working on. The stand out one was Moroccan beef tagine.

Have a look at the recipe here >>> Moroccan beef tagine

Cook book of the year

I’ve picked up and been gifted a few books this year. The best one, and one I was looking forward to most, was F**k, that’s delicious by Action Bronson. Anyone who follows the blog regularly will know I’m a big fan of his from some of my earlier posts.

Read it here >>> Action Bronson


Personal food highlight of the year

Fork ‘N Tasty Sauces

During the last few months I made some chili sauces. Among them sweet chilli, mango chilli, pineapple and mango chilli, and sweet pepper and raspberry chilli.

I passed these on to friends and family to taste test and give me feedback. All of which was really useful and helped me make them better.

I have some big plans for these for 2018 so hopefully you see them soon!

Looking forward to a great 2018!

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