Steak. I mean a good steak, you really can’t beat it. I think it’s the simplicity. A single cut, cooked evenly on either side for a couple of minutes serve with a sauce and a few chips. Simple. Doing one thing well sounds easy but when that one thing is steak, it has to be exceptional.

Featherblade, on Dawson street, does steak well, and I don’t mean well done! They’re dinner menu is minimalist. Couple of starters, 2 types of steak, with an option to add prawns, a few different side options and a range of sauces.  Less is more. It’s been on my list of places to try in Dublin for ages so recently I checked it out.

Look, I don’t like to start with a negative but waiting over 15 minutes to order when the choice is between 2 different types of steak wasn’t a great start to the evening. That’s not saying the service was bad, just annoying. That’s out of the way now, on to the meat! I ordered the 9 oz Featherblade steak with herb, garlic and chilli sauce with some Beef Dripping Chips.

The steak was perfect. A really nice cut, sliced thinly, perfectly cooked, Not tough, not chewy, just right. The sauce was really nice too. It wasn’t too spicy and left a lovely tasty even after you had finished chomping down on the beef. Lovely crunchy, chunky chips accompanied the steak and were every bit as nice. I tried the whiskey peppercorn sauce as well which was also really nice.

The burgers that are served at lunch time look absolutely savage! I’ll definitely be heading back for one of them some time soon.

Check out Featherblade here: http://www.featherblade.ie/

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