Wow Burger

Dublin, like every major city, has it’s fair share of burger joints these days . Wow Burger has four branches in Dublin. One of these are located in the basement at Mary’s Bar & Hardware. Recently I grabbed a few friends and checked it out.

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Lights, burgers, action!💡🍔🎥 #Wowburger

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After making your way through Mary’s and down the stairs you are greeted by a retro looking American diner. It’s a bit of a head trip going from what’s suppose to be an old Irish pub to an old American diner. The decors just bounce of each other and could not be more different, but it kind of works!

After ordering up a meals we hit up a booth. They’re nice, simple table and chairs, bit like an old school cafeteria. Plus where we sat we had a nice view of the kitchen. At this stage, after a long day in the office, we were ravenous.

I couldn’t pick which burger I wanted (there’s only 3 options but I really wanted 2!) so I went for 2 mini burgers, mini bacon cheeseburger and mini hamburger with pickles and jalapeños, and for chips I got the chilli fries. Oh and a pint of Guinness! Once my number was called I hopped up to get my big basket from the window, pick up some ketchup and napkins from the station and was back in my seat eager to tuck in.

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Oh Wow! @wowburgerdublin

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First impressions was WOW those mini burgers are massive! They looked to be wrapped the same size as the normal burgers! Once I opened I realised what was mini, the beef patty. I was expecting a couple of smaller burgers, on smaller buns but instead it was a thin beef patty on the same size bun as the normal buns. So less meat, more bread. This made the burgers really dry because you were mostly eating bun. When I could taste the burger they were nice though. Sadly mine didn’t look like the below.  When unwrapping the burgers their were all upside down, not a big deal but is it that hard to put them the right way?

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When in doubt, go all out. Free Toppings #WOWBURGER

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The chilli fries were nice but again lacked that bit of heat that most other chilli fries have. Overall the place is nice, it’s got a cool appeal to it and is a nicely styled. The menu is simple, which is good. Final verdict; we weren’t WOW’ed!

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