After Dinner Service – The Wrap Up

So it was short and sweet, like a good cannoli, the first run of the Fork ‘N Tasty After Dinner Service. I decided to write up these 3 posts to give a quick insight into why I do what I do and what inspires me. Things kicked off with some action, or Action Bronson to be precise, and the F*ck, That’s Delicious show. Check out that post here. After Dinner Service – Action Bronson.

This was followed up with the ultimate food porn TV show – Netflix’s Chef’s Table. I could have written a post on each episode of this, and maybe I will at some point. The sublimely shot and directed show will have you screaming out for some Sea Foam from Central or Mole from Pujol. Check it out here: After Dinner Service – Chef’s Table.

Finally I finished up with one of my favourite cook book series, Thug Kitchen. Vegan food done extraordinarily well and food that makes you Eat Like You Give A F*uck these books and website are well worth checking out. You can read the blog post on them here: After Dinner Service – Thug Kitchen.

 That wraps it up for this run of After Dinner Service, what comes next for this? Who knows!

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