Picado – Dublin

There has definitely been a heavy leaning towards Mexican food in my life lately. Whether it’s been trips to 777 or Taco Taco, watching the amazing Enrique Olvera masterly produce some incredible food in Netflix’s Chef’s Table or last weekends visit to Ireland’s leading Mexican boutique grocer – Picado – to partake in a Mexican Chilies Workshop.

Last Saturday myself and a fellow chilies enthusiast (my Dad!) headed along to one of Picado’s intimate cooking classes hosted by Lily Ramirez-Foran. Lily has been living in Ireland for close to 20 years and runs Picado with her husband Alan. If you haven’t been down to the shop, located between The Bernard Shaw and The Portobello on South Richmond street, you’re missing out! They stock everything from the most delicious tortillas you’ll find, to dried chilies, Mexican oregano and a great range of salsas and moles.

A couple of times a week classes are hosted outside of shop hours. These range from Tortilla or Tamales workshops to a Mexican Supper Club, and more. I got mine as as birthday present and had been counting down the weeks until it was on! The classes are kept small, which is great. Upon entering the shop we were greeted by Alan and Lily, who was hard at work over the stove already.

After an introduction from Lily we got straight into the chilies, learning about how many different varieties there are across Mexico and their importance in Mexican life. During the course of the evening we watched and helped as Lily made some incredible salsas and unbelievable marinades, all involving beautiful fresh and dried chilies. A personal favourite from the evening was the Tacos Al Pastor, a phenomenal blend of Guajilo and Ancho chilies and tomato. At the end of the evening we got to feast on everything that had been made during the class. Safe to say everyone left extremely full and happy!

So if you’re looking for a good cooking class, a great teacher and some absolutely exceptional food this is definitely the place to go. I’m already looking forward to doing another one!

More information can be found at: https://www.picadomexican.com/ or http://amexicancook.ie/

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