Slow-cooked chicken with chorizo

Spanish inspired slow cooked chicken and chorizo. Another slow cooker tasty meal.



  •    200g chorizo, cut into chunks
  •    1 onion, peeled and diced
  •    2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
  •    12 chicken thighs
  •    12-15 baby tomatoes
  •    1 tin chopped tomatoes, rinse out the tin with 200ml water and add this also
  •    1 dessert spoon tomato puree
  •    1 tsp sugar
  •    Sprig of rosemary, chopped


  1. Trim off the excess skin on the thighs.
  2. Fry the thighs on a hot pan before adding to slow cooker.
  3. Fry the chorizo in a pan and once cooked add to the slow cooker.
  4. Place the chicken in the bottom of the slow cooker and cover with the chorizo. Quickly fry the onion, and garlic in a pan, then add to the slow cooker.
  5. Throw in a tin of chopped tomatoes, water, tomato puree, sugar, baby tomatoes and rosemary. Season with some ground black pepper.
  6. Place the lid on the slow cooker and leave to cook for about 7 hours.

When it’s done the chicken should be almost falling off the bone. Best way to serve this is in a shallow bowl, so you get some of that tasty tomato sauce, with a big chunk of fresh bread. So good!

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