Coconut beef casserole

Whether it’s cold winter days or you’re just trying to free up some time the slow cooker is the way to go. This recipe is such a massive time saver, and also great for left over lunches packed full of nutrients! Make some homemade spice mix paste and away you go.

Simple to make and tasty to eat. What else do you need!



Spice Mix Paste:

  •    2 red onions, roughly diced
  •    4 cloves of minced garlic
  •    2 red chillies, or a teaspoon of dried chilly flakes
  •    3 tbsp of olive or sunflower oil
  •    2 tbsp of ground cumin
  •    2 tbsp of ground coriander
  •    2 tsp of turmeric


  •    1kg diced beef
  •    2 large sweet potatoes cut into chunky cubes
  •    400ml of coconut milk, plus 100ml of water rinsed in the can
  •    100g desiccated coconut
  •    Juice of one lime
  •    1 tbsp brown sugar


You can brown the meat before adding to the slow cooker but for this one I usually don’t.

  1. Put all of the spice mix paste ingredients into a food processor, or NutriBullet if you’ve got one, and blitz them together. It should create a good paste and not end up to liquidity.
  2. Toss the beef, spice mix paste and other ingredients into the slow cooker. It mix look a little try but don’t worry it’ll be ok!
  3. Cook for about 5 hours on high or 8 on low.
  4. Once it’s done serve it up with some brown rice and fresh coriander.

This is great for warming you up in a cold evening, and even better the next day for lunch!

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